Whirlpool W8 W946WR UK 9kg 1600 spin - White

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Superior performance and intuitive technology starts here with the Whirlpool W8 W946WR UK Washing Machine with a generous 9kg capacity and 1600 spin speed are the foundations of this Whirlpool washing machine with a cutting edge design with an arsenal of programs to deliver first class cleaning results. Focus on performance has never been easier with Intuitive 6TH SENSE technology continuously monitors your laundry, adapting the cycle and resources used to give you superior results, all whilst saving energy, water and time an combines brilliantly with the Water Save functionality, water is sprayed directly onto your laundry from the nozzle at the beginning of the cycle only using the right amount of water needed. Balance between performance and quality is paramount and the direct drive motor offers Quiet, efficient, variable speed with electronic management which provides quality and minimum noise disturbance. The power of steam acts as the perfect assistant which adds protection against bacteria. Laundry is sanitised at the end of the washing cycle thanks to steam hygiene without adding any extra chemical additives - even at low temperatures. Regenerate your garments with steam refresh and remove odours, the washer generates a flow of steam that penetrates into the fibres, removing unpleasant smells, relaxing fibres and smoothing creases. Optimise your cycles fully with Autodose, a High capacity 1.2 lt tank with a pre-programmed algorithm secures maximum efficiency in detergent usage allowing up to 26 perfect cycles without refilling whilst saving you detergent at every cycle. Well crafted, silent and tailored with your clothes in mind, the whirlpool Washing Machine is a stylish, yet discreet addition to your home


Dimensions (mm)

845 (H) x 599 (W) x 643 (D)