Hotpoint H6 W845WB UK 8kg 1400 spin - White

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Discover cleaning solutions which make a powerful difference to your laundry with a wealth of capabilities to suit your needs, the Hotpoint H6 W845WB UK Washing machine boasts an authentic design and an 8kg capacity and an B class energy rating. The innovative Direct Drive motor replaces the traditional belt driven motor with high-performance direct drive motor that rotates the drum directly, offering quality, reliability and minimum noise levels. Plus when all you need is silence at home the extra silent cycle, takes care of laundry, at any time of the day. Operating as low as 60 dBa for the whole cycle, which is as quiet as a normal conversation. For added versatility, discover the power of steam and achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind, Steam 3.0 technologies provide ultimate cleaning results with three options to choose from. The Steam Hygiene cycle which reduces bacteria thanks to a prolonged high temperature; the 20 minute Steam Refresh cycle refreshes clothes without washing; and finally the Steam Finish option keeps your laundry soft, for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle. Well-crafted and designed with ultimate care for your clothes in mind, this Hotpoint Washing machine caters for all your laundry needs.


Dimensions (mm)

845 (H) x 599 (W) x 607 (D)