The Barcelona collection

Delivery 8 weeks

The Barcelona collection is expertly handcrafted from a choice of leather look material and soft plain fabric. It is designed to capture luxury, comfort and individuality with matching buttons in the back cushions and seat facia.


  • Available in a range of fabrics and colours
  • All of our sofas are handmade to order
  • made in the UK

The Barcelona collection dimensions

Combination Height Depth Width Seat height Seat depth
3 Seater 102cm 90cm 208cm 49cm 53cm
2 Seater 102cm 90cm 168cm 49cm 53cm
Chair 102cm 90cm 104cm 49cm 53cm
Corner L2 C R1 102cm 90cm 249cm x 191cm 49cm 53cm
Corner L1 C R2 102cm 90cm 191cm x 249cm 49cm 53cm
Corner L2 C R2 102cm 90cm 249cm x 249cm 49cm 53cm
Bench stool 33cm 64cm 102cm N/A N/A

*All sizes are approximate