Hotpoint HBNF 55181 B UK 1 Fridge Freezer - Black 55cm

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A stylish and efficient model, the Hotpoint HBNF 55181 B Fridge Freezer delivers 152L of cooling capacity within the refrigerator and 93L within the freezer. With the refrigerator cavity boasting three glass shelves, there's ample room for all your dairy, meats and treats with the added bonus of the fresh crisper to store your vegetables at the perfect temperature for optimal freshness.

Automatic Defrosting - Automatic defrosting prevents the formation of ice on the freezer’s walls and frost inside the fridge, thereby ensuring the proper performance of the appliance and prolonging its durability.

Deli Zone - The extra space to store delicate items like creams, fresh pasta, sauces.

Energy class F - Energy savings are ensured at energy class F.

LED Lighting - Brighten up the contents of your fridge. Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior of your fridge so you can see everything clearly.

Low Frost - Low Frost reduces ice formation so you spend less time defrosting your appliance. The evaporator is built into the outside structure of the appliance rather than the traditional grills found in most freezers. This reduces the amount of ice formed and makes it easy to remove from the flat surface of the walls and the top of the freezer cavity.

No Frost System - The No Frost system effectively prevents the formation of frost inside your freezer.


Dimensions (mm)

1830 (H) x 540 (W) x 540 (D)