Indesit heat pump tumble dryer white 8.0kg - YT M11 83 X UK

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This Indesit freestanding Tumble Dryer features: spacious 8,0kg capacity drum. Innovative technology ensuring extra silent performance.

Duvets: Specifically designed to effectively dry your duvets and padded items, whilst protecting their natural softness and bounce.


EasyCleaning: An easy-to-clean filter in just 3 simple steps: all you have to do is lift up the handle, remove the filter, quickly clean it and then replace and go!


Easy Mix Cycle: Providing effective drying action for up to 3kg of mixed fabrics, there’s no need to separate items, just pop them in and go!


Fast45 Cycle: Putting your day back on track, the Fast45 Cycle dries your essential garments in just 45 minutes ready for the next adventure.


Inverter Motor: More advanced performances and special care for fibres. The invertor motor improves the machine's efficiency and saves energy.


Push&Go: The Push&Go cycle easily dries your daily laundry at the simple push of a button. Perfect for dyring your daily load of cotton


Dimensions (mm)

849 (H) x 595 (W) x 649 (D)